When is registration?

The latest information about registration, including dates and deadlines, will be available on the Registration page of our Website as well as on our Facebook page.

How can I pay?

Payments by cash or check will be accepted in person at the fieldhouse on designated payment Saturdays. Payments by credit card can be made by selecting the e-invoice option on the registration form. E-invoices will be mailed separately.

What about Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle payments?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept these forms of payment yet, but we’re working on it.

I made a mistake on the registration form. How can I change it?

If you’ve entered information incorrectly, just send us an email with your child’s name and the corrected info and we’ll update your registration.

e-Invoicing (credit card payments)

I just registered my child. Why haven’t I received my e-invoice yet?

Our secure payment system and our registration form are not yet integrated, so we need to send invoices separately. We will typically do so at least once daily. If you haven’t received your e-invoice yet, give us a day or so to send it out.

I received my e-invoice, but when I tried to pay I encountered a link that says the invoice has expired. Why?

Those who register before the designated date will receive e-invoices that reflect early bird pricing. If you do not pay by the early bird deadline, your e-invoice will expire and a new one will be issued in accordance with standard pricing. Standard pricing e-invoices will also expire when we close registration. Please do not wait to pay and secure your child’s spot on the field.

Is my credit card payment secure?

Yes! Our e-invoicing is powered by Valor Paytech, which promises secure, contactless payments and personal data protection.

Tee Ball / Baseball / Softball

How long is the season?

Games begin in early-April and continue through the end of June. We typically try to finish by the end of the school year, so as not to interfere with our families’ summer vacation plans.

When are the games?

Most baseball and softball games take place on Saturdays, weather permitting. Generally speaking, the children in younger divisions tend to play earlier in the morning. As the daylight extends later in the spring, teams will begin playing weekday evening games (5:30pm start), usually not more than once per week. Additional weekday and/or Sunday games may be necessary to fill out the schedule or to make up rained-out games.

Is the full schedule of games available yet?

The schedule of games is ultimately contingent upon the number of registrants and teams competing in each division, so it will not be available until after the close of registration. Complete season schedules will be posted to each respective division’s page on the Website, as well as to the league’s master calendar. If the schedule isn’t posted, that means it hasn’t been finalized yet.

When will my child’s team be practicing?

Practice days and times vary by coach and depend on coaches’ availability. They may necessarily change from week to week due to weather and other contingencies. Please remember, all our coaches are volunteers and most fit their practices around work and other commitments.

With as many as 30 coaches at any given time, we cannot keep track of individual coaches’ weekly practice preferences, so we cannot tell you in advance when the practices might be.

What’s included in my registration fee?

The registration fee includes a full uniform (cap, jersey, pants, and socks). It also goes toward the costs of shared equipment (game balls, bases, etc.), field maintenance and facilities upkeep throughout the season, and officiating fees for all divisions above Tee Ball and Rookie.

Where do the games take place?

All games take place within the ICYP complex of fields accessible via the main gate on 20th Avenue between 35th and 36th Streets. Please use caution and remain alert for batted and/or thrown balls when walking across the field complex.

How do I know which field is which?

The Pee Wee field runs adjacent to 20th Avenue. The Junior Field is the largest in the complex and is located immediately after the picnic area. The Midget Field is located in the rear right corner of the complex, while the Softball Field is in the rear left corner.

What equipment will my child need?

All players, regardless of division, must supply their own batting helmet, fielding glove, and bat. Cleats are strongly encouraged. Boys should wear protective cups. All pitchers in the Girls’ division must wear fielding masks.

Batting helmets:

Any standard protective helmet is allowed. We recommend the additional security of helmets with built-in or attachable face guards or cages.

Fielding gloves:

Players should use a fielding glove that is suitable for their age and size. Because younger children especially often lack grip strength, look for a glove they can squeeze to close without difficulty.


The type of bat allowed varies by sport and division:

Tee Ball and Rookie baseball (ages 4-7) – All bat styles permitted.

Pee Wee, Midget, Junior, and Senior baseball (ages 8+) – Wooden bats only. No aluminum or composite allowed.

All softball divisions – Aluminum and composite bats permitted.

For questions about what kind of bat to purchase, we recommend starting with one of the many bat buying guides available online, like this one.


Cleats are important for traction across dirt and grass, especially when fields are muddy or wet. While it is technically possible to play in flat sneakers, we do not recommend it.

Protective cups (Boys):

Cups are considered standard protective equipment for boys’ baseball. Realistically, players in Tee Ball and Rookie who use a rubberized ball probably will not need them; however, introducing boys to cups early on will make their use routine later when they become essential.

Fielding masks (Girls):

No player in the softball division will be allowed to pitch without a fielding mask. Players at other positions may elect to wear masks, but are not required to do so. The league will furnish masks for teams to share, but players who pitch consistently should consider purchasing their own.

Can my child play in a different age group than the one specified?

Divisional placement is based on birth year. Children will not be allowed to “play down” a division, regardless of when during a particular year their birthdays fall, but may “play up” in certain circumstances.

Can my child to be on the same team as his or her friends, or play for a specific coach?

We will do our best to group players who request to play together, or for a specific coach, in the TEE BALL and ROOKIE divisions.

In the PEE WEE, MIDGET, and JUNIOR divisions, team selection will be completed by draft, with coaches taking turns picking players. We use this process to enable a fair, level playing field and to position each team with a balance of younger and older players, beginners and the more experienced. Wherever possible, coaches will attempt to honor player preferences; however, we cannot guarantee placement that matches everyone’s preference. We understand that may lead to some disappointment for a few, but friends on opposing teams will still be able to compete against each other multiple times throughout the season and will no doubt make many new friendships as well.

Please note that players having played together in TEE BALL and ROOKIE does not generate an exception to the draft rule in subsequent years.

When will my child receive his or her uniform?

Uniforms will be ordered following the close of registration and usually take between 2-3 weeks to print and deliver. Your child’s coach will notify you when uniforms are available for distribution. Only players who have paid the full registration fee by the close of registration will receive uniforms.

What happens if it rains on gameday?

In case of rain (or the possibility of rain), the league will assess the forecast and the amount of water already on the fields to determine if games can be played. Should a cancellation or postponement be necessary, the league will notify coaches, who will in turn notify parents directly. Please do not contact the league to ask about game status.

Note that games may not be called off uniformly through an entire day. If we can squeeze in some games before predicted rainfall, we will try; conversely, if early games need to be called off but we can get the fields in playing shape for later games, those may go on as scheduled.

Remember that baseball and softball are weather-dependent sports, and we cannot control what Mother Nature sends our way.


How long is the season?

The football season typically begins in late September or early October and wraps up before Thanksgiving. Our 18+ league begins after Thanksgiving.

When are the games?

Games will take place on Friday evenings under the lights or on Saturday afternoons.

What is the format for the games?

All games are single-hand touch with seven players on the field per side in all divisions.

What’s included in my registration fee?

The registration fee includes a team football jersey and covers the cost of officiating for the season.

What equipment will my child need?

Cleats are essential. Given that the games follow a touch format, no padding or helmets are necessary.

Can my child play on the same team as his or her friends, or for a specific coach?

One of the best things about team sports is the opportunity to make new friends. While it’s possible that your child may be placed on a team with his or her current friends or with past teammates and a familiar coach, we privilege fairness and balance in the team selection process, so we cannot guarantee it.

When will my child receive his or her jersey?

Jerseys will be ordered following the close of registration and usually take a few weeks to print and deliver. Your child’s coach will notify you when jerseys are available for distribution. Only players who have paid the full registration fee by the close of registration will receive jerseys.